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MyDoxVault provides so much more than secure document storage; it’s a complete domestic document management solution offering a range of valuable additional benefits to members.

Have you ever been looking for that one important document, maybe your car registration document, your marriage certificate or even a birth certificate and just couldn’t find it? You know you put it somewhere safe because you know it is important that it does not get lost. The problem is it is so safe that you can’t remember where you put it!

MyDoxVault can solve this problem for less than a £1.00 per week. You can store a variety of documents, including your last will and testament, safe in the knowledge that if when needed you will know exactly where to find it. Your membership will also include electronic copies of all stored documents absolutely free.

If your Will cannot be found it is presumed not to exist! Keeping the document at home is certainly not the best option. Will it be protected from fire; flood or being tampered with? Will your Executors know it exists and where to find it? So, there is no doubt that having written a Will, an immediate and critical decision is: Where are you going to store it?

MyDoVault makes the answer to that question easy!

As a MyDoxVault member:

Your correctly signed and witnessed Will (and or other important documents) will be stored in an on-site, purpose built, secure and fire-safe environment.

Lodging certificates will be provided so you can notify relevant people where your Will is located and how to access the document when required (you of course can access your documents at any time).

We offer expert free advice (verbal and written) to Executors about their duties, obligations and responsibilities and can assist with Probate and general estate administration, if your Executors choose to appoint us.

Other documents such as a Household Inventory for insurance purposes or a list of investments, bank accounts, building society accounts, pensions, savings schemes and life assurance are all unique to you and are irreplaceable.

Your national insurance number, mortgage papers, deeds to your house and many more documents are all available, but take time and hassle to obtain.

Join MyDoxVault now and let us keep your documents safe, just fill in the form above and we will send you all the information you need to get started – the best news is the first 6 months are absolutely free.